Outsourced Cash Flow Management


For any SME, a sharp Cash Flow Management is a must have. The invoice planning gives the right picture of your expected income statement. Unfortunately this is the accounting point of view far from the reality of your bank accounts. Unexpected cash out or delays of customer payments might put forward needs in financing.

Outsourced Cash Flow Management helps SMEs’ CFOs or CEOs to focus on their core activity and get strategic reports with key figures. The first step in cash flow management remains to make sure the cash is coming in and out on time.

At EthiCap we believe in anticipation. The professional Outsourced Cash Flow Management service we provide gives the right picture for anticipating your business financing needs (e.g. factoring, daily, equity, loans, etc…), investment opportunities in (in)tangible assets or early debt payback and future hiring process.

Float, Cloud based Cash Flow Forecasting solution

Float, Cloud based Cash Flow Forecasting solution

Managing Cash Flow often means prioritizing and forecasting different scenarios depending on sales & purchases, investments, delays of payments, labour and many other costs. We provide “what if” pictures for the business managers to take right decisions. We definitively see the Outsourced Cash Flow Management as a strategic supporting service for international SMEs.

From a technological perspective we use cloud based systems (e.g. Float for StartUps) that allow rigorous users management, flexibility, data security, audit monitoring and delegation of any IT updates. However we closely work with suppliers for suggesting new releases and features that suit our vision of a sharp and intelligent Cash Flow Management.