New partnership between EthiCap & WorldFirst UK ltd


We are an international company and target international businesses. International payment and currencies hedging have been keeping on top of the strategy to maintain profit and secure margin. In order to offer the best solutions for businesses, we are keen to announce a new partnership between EthiCap and World First UK Limited.

World First is a UK-based foreign exchange company and is one of the leader on its market.

International Payment and Currency Hedging

International Payment and Currency Hedging

We think that their online platform will benefit our clients’ operations and enhance their profit. From day-to-day transactions to bespoke bids / offers for new markets, our clients simply need an efficient, transparent and cost-effective solution.

As an Outsourced CFO and business partner, we commit to seek strategic products with excellent execution services. EthiCap recognizes Technology as a great opportunity for optimising your Finance management.

We internaly use, trust and recommend WorldFirst.