New partnership between EthiCap and Xero


As already posted in this blog we use and recommend using Xero, a cloud based accounting software. Today we are pleased to announce a new partnership between EthiCap and Xero.

Our Partner

We believe in accuracy in bookkeeping, efficiency in business management and security in data protection. Xero ticks all these boxes. As CFO and Investor we work for international companies dealing with different currencies and we are highly demanding in reporting figures. Xero satisfies all these requirements. In our CFO positions reliability in figures and IT remains the key for advising and decision making. From our experience in accounting software Xero provides the best customer relationship and the minimum IT issues.

SMEs using Xero have at their disposal high performance accounting tools which improve their competitiveness. Xero’s team soon understood that opening their API will enhance their power and also their customers. Increasing profitability with Xero became fun and we love it.

Xero Certified Advisor

StartUps and SMEs: What next?

To any SME willing to grow and make profit, we are also pleased to announce we became Xero Certified Advisor. Let us increase your profitability, we would love to hear about your business.