About Us

The corporations represent our most valuable social and economic assets for the future. EthiCap has been founded with only one objective: to strengthen their competitiveness. Paul Mussault, Founder

CFO Team

Our team combines extensive skills in corporate finance, reporting, private equity funding strategies and cash management.



Accounting & Financing, Partner

Helps releasing potential in small businesses and reach their financial success.



Financial Controller, Partner

Always proactive with enhancing our working methodologies



Accountant, ACCA

De-stresses the work environment by improving processes and getting the management information business owners need.


Place of IT

Since we realise that IT is a key to secure and optimise financial management we are proud to assess our engineering background to get the most of the technology innovation for supporting our clients’ profitability. EthiCap Strategic CFO works closely with high net worth experts in financial services and brokerage firms, software development companies and regulatory consultants.


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