Why we use Cloud Accounting Software


For SMEs and StartUps financial management has to be business driven. For these companies the choice of the accounting software represents a strategic choice as they don’t budget a project manager dedicated to this integration. While the CEO is searching for the best accounting solution he is not fully focusing on running and developing the business. In this post, you will find 3 main reasons why we use Cloud Accounting Software in our Outsourced CFO positions.

Mobility: Mobility has been changing the accounting process for SMEs. With cloud accounting software you can access your accounts, reports or transactions at anytime anywhere. Taking a picture of your expenses during an exhibition or business trip and sending it to your server within a minute make sense for our small firms. From your laptop to your tablet, from your mobile from a restaurant abroad to your PC in the office, just one password and the job is done.

Accounting in mobility

Accounting in mobility

Invite your Accountant: Managing new users is easy so you can invite your accountant to check, correct and or amend the figures if needed. There is no need to book a day with your accountant for a meeting as he (or she) can remotely access your accounts. Therefore you can keep focused on your business.

Maintenance: Real time maintenance is highly appreciable. It is even more when there is no action required from your side. This is what cloud solution offers: no waste of time in updating software, modules or any release. Web based accounting software keep you away from the IT issues, and that’s particularly valuable.

At EthiCap – Outsourced CFO in UK and France, we are convinced that the SaaS accounting platforms will be developing in the near future and will be bringing new opportunities. We use the following cloud accounting software for our portfolio’s purposes: Xero, QuickBooks, Ibiza and put Xero on top of the list. Xero, The New Zealand based accounting software offers a disruptive approach of business management.