CFO for Equity (FR)

In the process of raising funds from private investors, the financial preparation remains a must-have for any StartUp. From structuring the company to getting the assurance of tax relief schemes (SEIS / EIS), admin preparation takes time away from the business. However hiring a CFO, even on a part time basis, is more likely over budget for most of them. Interim financial consultants or fundraisers could represent other options. EthiCap offers an alternative solution: CFO for equity.

Of course fresh cash will allow the CEOs to find and hire the best profiles and skills. From our perspective, it is even more efficient when the company already identified them (or worked with them) before the fundraising. That makes sense since investors invest in people.

Prior to a fundraising, cash is either not existing or has already burnt. During the preparation of the next round business visibility narrows and budget tightens. Cash flow uncertainty impacts the organisation and delegating admin & financial preparation ends up the luxury.

CFO for Equity

For these reasons and during the fundraising process EthiCap provides CFO for equity services. If we succeed our venture starts. We prepare and secure your funding so you keep focused on your business and build value in the business team.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and funding strategies.